Duct temperature transmitter

Duct temperature transmitter

The TTH-6202 is a temperature transmitter that is designed to measure the temperature in a ventilation duct.

This temperature transmitter is particularly flexible and developed for direct duct mounting in ventilation systems. The transmitter can be used in both large and small duct sizes.

The TTH-6202 delivers the temperature digitally at the Modbus RTU and provides an advantageous combination of high quality and minimum installation costs.

OJ Air2 compatible
The TTH-6202 is fully integrated into the OJ Air2 system's software and can freely be configured instead of an arbitrary PT1000 input.

  • Duct temperature
  • Telescopic mounting
  • OJ Air2 compatible
  • QuickPlug™ installation
  • Modbus RTU
  • I/O saving