Simple. Scalable. Cost-efficient. And ready to ship

OJ Electronics are pleased to announce that we are now taking orders for our new AHC-3000 AHU controller for smaller-scale ventilation applications. The controller is designed to offer genuine OJ quality at cost-efficient prices: the AHC-3000 comes with all the standard functions required by most customers – and pre-programmed add-on options make your system entirely scalable without any need for customised programming.

A simpler controller

The AHC-3000 is an all-new, simple, straightforward controller designed for smaller system types such as decentral ventilation and compact air handling units. Combining OJ quality with cost-efficiency, the AHC-3000 is intended to help you create even more competitive solutions – and reach new markets for smaller-scale systems.

Standard version – or add-ons? Pick what you need

The standard version of the AHC-3000 has all the basic functions usually required by your customers. Where more complex functionalities are required, these are easily purchased as add-ons. Examples of add-on functions include:

  • Filter pressure
  • Pressure control
  • Flow control
  • Power read-out

You can add these advanced functions at cost-efficient prices: no customised programming is required, which helps to make the AHC-3000 very competitive.

We’ll help you reach your markets

The AHC-3000 offers easy, cost-effective access to the market for smaller AHU systems or AHU systems where fewer functionality requirements apply. To help you reach these new markets, we will support your product development and launch with a range of materials, including technical training material.

Main features of the AHC-3000 range

  • A simple controller for smaller-scale ventilation systems
  • Includes everything your customers need for both basic centralised and decentralised ventilation systems
  • Scalable functionality: choose add-ons as required
  • No programming required – very cost-effective customisation

The AHC-3000 controllers are designed to bring you new business opportunities while benefiting all your customers who work with smaller-scale ventilation systems. Any questions? Just ask!

The AHC-3000 is available to order now.

To learn more, visit the AHC-3000 website.

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