Digital Thermostat MTD3

Digital Thermostat MTD3 Digital Thermostat. MTD3 the high-quality thermostat for hydronic and electric floor heating systems.

Microline® Type MTD3 – All-in-one thermostat

This high-quality thermostat is designed to have a minimum of impact on the environment and will at the same time provide long-lasting heating comfort.

It is the perfect choice for new installations and for replacement of outdated thermostats.

Electronic thermostat suitable for flush mounting in a standard wall socket.

With floor sensor. For optimal comfort avoiding cold tiles during spring and autumn, or as protection against damaging wooden floors.

Built-in timer for automatic night setback and possibility to activate night setback or frost protection via external input.

Product features:

MTD3 has a temperature setting range of 0-40°C, a night setback, frost protection and limit temperatures to ensure comfort and protect property from excessive temperatures.
The thermostat comes with preset heating schedules suitable for most homes.

• Sleek design
• User friendly / intuitive menu
• Easy installation
• Energy-efficient
• Back-lit display
• Protective cover included
• Compliance with EN 50559 (hot spot protection)
• ECO directive ready
• Load up to 3,600W, 16A.
• Offset adjustment
• Floor sensor