Neutral Zone Thermostat (Discontinued)

Neutral Zone Thermostat

ETZ-195X Electronic Neutral Zone Thermostat

For regulation of cooling/heating plants. 2 types cover a scale range from -30 to +40°C. Equipped with two SPST, 6A. The neutral zone is situated equally on either side of the set point and may be adjusted from 0 to 10% of the scale range by means of the control knob DIFF.

Function: As long as the temperature measured is within the selected neutral zone, none of the relays will be active. If the temperature falls below the lower zone limit, relay 1 will be activated and a red LED indicates heating function. If the temperature rises above the upper zone limit, relay 2 will be activated and a green LED indicates cooling function.

  • 2 types cover a scale range from -30 to 40°C.
  • Two SPST, 6A.