OJ Air2 EXT45

OJ Air2 EXT45

The OJ Air2 Ext 45 extension module is used in AHUs with a high level of functionality, where eg a DX cooling section is included.

With the OJ Air2 Ext 45, the OJ Air2 system can be scaled up to precisely what your customer needs. For example, the module can be built into heating or cooling sections, and the customer pays for accessories as needed.

DX cooling is standard in the OJ Air2 system
Control of two DX cooling circuits with up to four compressors is built into the OJ Air2 Master. The OJ Air2 Ext 45 is specially well-suited for this application with relay outputs for operation of compressors.

General functional extension
The OJ Air2 Master contains a large number of functions that have been thoroughly tested and are ready for use. If the application concerned requires use of the more advanced functions, then the number of inputs and outputs can generally be expanded with the OJ Air2 Ext 45.

Rotary selector as an option
If the customer has for example a need to control the operation with a simple rotary selector, then such can be connected via the OJ Air2 Ext 45, which has five digital inputs. A selector with the positions Stop, Low speed, Medium speed, High speed and Auto

  • General functional extension
  • For building into DX cooling section
  • Control of four compressors
  • Evaporating pressure
  • Condenser pressure
  • QuickPlug™ installation