OJ Air2 Power Supply

OJ Air2 Power Supply OJ Electronics is a global supplier of thermostats, power controls, HVAC supplies and much more

The OJ Air2 system has been specially designed to control air handling units and forms a complete control system where all components are fully integrated and optimised.

The OJ-Air2PWR80 is a transformer specially designed for the OJ Air2 system. The solution is particularly efficient with ring-shaped cores and evenly distributed windings.

The OJ-Air2PWR80 has 2 potential-separated outputs, each of which delivers a stable voltage and current. The high efficiency makes the transformer smaller and lighter than conventional solutions.

  • Effective ring core
  • Mounting on DIN rail
  • Optimised for OJ Air2
  • 2 x 24 V AC for automation
  • 2 x 60 VA output power