OJ-DV-HTERM (Discontinued)

OJ-DV-HTERM OJ-DV-HTERM is a handheld terminal used to set operating and motor parameters for an OJ-DV. It is also used for operating the OJ-DV.

OJ-DV-HTERM is a handheld terminal

OJ-DV Hterm is a handheld terminal for setting up and operating an OJ-DV. The hand terminal can be used to adapt OJ-DV operating parameters to the application concerned. It can also be used to read out current alarms.


  • OJ-DV Hterm features an eight-line display, a navigation selector button and two LEDs.
  • Scroll upwards or downwards through the menus by turning the selector button and select an option by pressing the button.
  • Turn the button to change existing values. Save the new value by pressing the button. Select "Exit" to leave the menu.
  • The hand terminal communicates with OJ-DV via Modbus commands. Factory and user settings are stored in OJ-DV and the settings are remembered even if the voltage supply or connection to the hand terminal is lost.

OJ-DV Hterm contains the following six menus:

  • Status: Control and operating parameters for connected OJ-DV
  • Setup: Application parameter settings
  • Alarm: Read-out of active alarm(s) for connected OJ-DV
  • Modbus: Modbus settings for connected OJ-DV
  • About: Read-out of software version and type for connected OJ-DV
  • Config: Drive configuration