Combined temperature and airflow transmitters


Airflow transmitters

Our ESF-35 series of electronic airflow transmitters is designed to measure the air velocity in all ventilation systems – whether natural or mechanical. These OJ Electronics airflow transmitters not only measure air velocity – they also measure temperatures from 0 to 50°C. 

Promote safety – and easy renovation

The ESF-35 airflow transmitters are ideal for ensuring that there is sufficient airflow in your system to allow your heating coils to switch on safely. And they are popular for renovations of older systems, too: simply drill a hole and insert one of these compact, electronic airflow transmitter for accurate, resistance-free airflow measurement. 

Choose between three versions

ESF-35-1 Airflow transmitter for mechanical ventilation – for high air velocities; with built-in relay function  

ESF-35-2 Airflow transmitter for mechanical ventilation – for high air velocities

ESF-35-4 Airflow transmitter for natural ventilation – for lower air velocities

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