Dual-input pressure transmitters

Dual-input pressure transmitters A great choice for use with AHUs. Fitted with two inputs for pressure and two for temperature, these units are very easy to install.

These units have two inputs for pressure and two inputs for temperature. Combining these dual inputs in a single unit makes installation quicker and reduces the risk of mistakes: factory operators/installers only have to handle one unit at a time, and each unit has exactly the right number of inputs.

The dual-input pressure transmitters even communicate via Modbus. All units in the range can be installed in the exact location you want them to be, thereby promoting efficiency. And they are a very cost-efficient alternative to combining several units.

The dual-input pressure transmitters are ideal for: 

  • Factory installed
    Install directly in AHU units to measure pressure across the filter and across the motor. Measuring the temperature in both air ducts. Communication via Modbus for easy integration in the system.

  • Field installed
    Excellent for AHU systems with heating coils. The unit measures pressure and temperature in both air ducts and forwards the information via Modbus.