PTH with display

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Display readouts and flow measurement in one single unit

PTH-F is a series of pressure transmitterss ideal for monitoring and controlling differential pressure or air flow in ventilation systems. They are particularly suited to measurement of the actual air pressure/flow when it is required for demand-controlled ventilation.

PTH-F is designed to allow a single variant to cover a variety of applications - can be set for 8 pressure ranges, 10 flow ranges or square root output.

PTH-F transducers provide our customers with an advantageous combination of high quality and accurate measurement.

  • Meassurement of air volume with visual readout.

  • Precise readouts on built-in display

  • Accurate meassurement of air volume in 10 different meassuring ranges

  • Filter surveilance with current readout on display

  • How to connect a PTH to a PLC/frequency converter via 0-20/4-20mA signal?