EMR Controller (Discontinued)

EMR Controller Hydronic floor heating provide true comfort and optimal energy efficiency

EMR Temperature Controller

The EMR temperature controller is designed to operate with several different types of temperature control requirement, and these modes are selected on the 6 dip switches on the top of the unit.

Valve control

To control the heating temperature, the EMR will operate a 24Vac/6VA powered modulating control valve via a 0-10V DC control signal. The valve can be a two port type that allows water to be injected into the under floor circuit, or a three or four port valve that allows water to be mixed from the boiler circuit down to the under floor circuit in the correct proportion.

  • 0-10V output for actuator

  • Relay for pump and boiler

  • Timed overrun of pump

  • LED indication of sensor error

  • Night setback

  • Frost protection

  • Limitation of supply or return temperature